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What do you know about Druzy?

I remember back in elementary school there was one special day the science teacher would bring a round rock to class. He (or she) had the whole class file outside (nowadays everyone would have on safety glasses) and that teacher, hammer in hand, broke open the rock. Everyone gathered around to see what became of it after that loud smash. Laying on the ground were pieces of pretty sparkly crystals that glittered in the sun. Oohing and aweing she explained that this was a Geode and it came from the earth this way!

This Geode was filled with what is called Druzy. These magical crystals have been around for thousands of years, but have only become popular in jewelry for about the last 5 years or so. I remember when I started seeing them at gem shows. The lights the vendors use at their booths are high intensity meant to really show off the stones, and the sparkles from the druzies were beyond anything I had seen before. 

Druzys are tiny crystals that form on the surface of other stones. They occur when water brings minerals to the stone's surface and that water evaporates. The stone will cool and the minerals are left on top in the form of crystals. These druzy crystals come in all colors depending on the type of stone they form on. They form on Quartz, Agate, Garnet, Dolomite, Malachite, and Calcite. No matter the stone it forms on, the sparkle looks like a dusting of sugar. (can you tell I like science?)

Why would you want Druzys?

Druzy crystals enhance the magic of whatever crystal they have formed on. They can enhance creativity, imagination and induce relaxation. Supporting self-love, they provide a balance in your life to avoid depression, fear, sadness or feelings of abandonment. They reduce stress by opening up blocked energies helping you to find your inner light.

Besides the beauty and wonder of Druzys, I feel a little bit like (insert Disney reference here) Tinkerbell when I wear one.

Take a peek at the Druzy jewelry I have available now.

I post pictures daily on Instagram and Facebook as well. If you don't see it on my website, be sure to message or reply to this newsletter and ask about the piece you are interested in!

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