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How to figure out your ring size

Rings are one of the most popular and important fashion accessories. They have been used for centuries to show devotion, love and status.

The earliest rings were found in ancient Egyption tombs. These were engraved with hyroglyphics and used as a status symbol and seal. The Roman Catholic church gave episcopal rings to newly appointed bishops, and these so-called papal rings were given by popes to cardinals. An enormous papal ring called the Fisherman’s Ring—made of gilded bronze and bearing the image of St. Peter fishing—is traditionally used by the pope as a seal for official documents. Throughout history, rings were also used to store poison and antidotes. Lucrezia Borgia is said to have offed her enemies with one of these rings. Rings also stored perfume to masks to odors of the streets and gutters.

Silver stacking rings have been a favorite part of my business for a while now. I start with fine silver wire which is 99.9% pure silver, and fuse them (it's basically melting 2 ends of the silver together so they become one piece). Next they are hammered and tumbled then put out for the world to see! I have ladies and some men from all over the country add them to their ring wardrobe. A few people have bought them at my booth because they were in the Napa Valley for a vacation and decided to get married!

On a regular basis I get asked how to figure out ring size. It's easy when they can be tried on, but how do you figure it out when you are buying online and you don't have a ring sizer?

Here's how!

How to figure out your ring size

  1. Take a piece of string, dental floss or strip of paper about 6" long.

  2. Wrap it around your finger in the widest place. Remember you have to be able to get it over your knuckle.

  3. Use a pen to mark where the string or paper overlaps

  4. Measure your string or paper with a ruler and compare to circumference from the chart below

U.S. Ring Size Circumference Inches Circmference MM

4 46.8 1.84

4 1/2 48 1.89

5 49.3 1.94

5 1/2 50.6 1.99

6 51.9 2.04

6 1/2 53.1 2.09

7 54.4 2.14

7 1/2 55.7 2.19

8 57 2.24

8 1/2 58.3 2.29

9 59.5 2.34

9 1/2 60.8 2.39

10 62.1 2.44

10 1/2 63.4 2.49

11 64.4 2.54

11 1/2 65.9 2.59

12 66.6 2.65

That's it! You now know your ring size.

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