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Magical Moonstone

Back a million years ago when I first started making jewelry out of stones instead of glass beads, I discovered the Beaded Nomad in Napa. I remember first finding out bead stores existed and then, finding out there was one so close! Walking in was like entering a big scavenger hunt. There were little dishes everywhere with every kind of bead you could imagine. On the walls were masks and strands of beads that the owner Peggy got in her travels. The coolest thing was a mermaid made out of wood which hung above the counter.

On the wall near the cash register was a rack with special (and expensive!) stones. There were strands of all shapes and sizes of Labradorite, Turquoise, Pearls and Tourmaline. Sigh. During one of my trips to buy supplies, I spied a strand of Moonstone which I hadn’t seen before. Oh boy was I in trouble! Those stones were so beautiful and I was sure they told me that they needed to come home with me. You know like when you find the perfect pair of shoes or purse. It was kind of like that.

I bit the bullet and made the purchase thinking I would make a necklace and recoup my cost plus make a little profit. Yea right. I still have that necklace today.

Colors of Moonstone

The traditional June birthstone is Pearl, but Alexandrite and Moonstone are also in that group. Historically, Moonstones were believed to bring good fortune. There are lots of stories about this stone. One tells of a traveler who carried a piece of Moonstone with him which changed with the waxing and the waning of the moon.

Moonstone is known as a stone of new beginnings. It is strongly connected with the moon and intuition showing us that just like the moon, everything is part of a cycle. Filled with feminine energy it is powerful at calming emotions and the mind, makes it easier to accept change, encoures peace, harmony and balance and helps a person become more passionate.

Colorwise it ranges from white to yellow. "Rainbow Moonstone" is actually a form of Labradorite (didn't know that did you?).

I love to use it mixed with other stones, but on it's own it's really magical. Here's a collection of some of my Moonstone jewelry as well as Druzy, Quartz and Pearl. I love them all together like this.

Below are some of the Moonstone pieces I have on my website. Click on the pictures below to see them in their glory.

Moonstone and Rosewood beads stretch bracelet

Druzy, Pearl and Moonstone necklace

Moonstone Earrings

Moonstone is one of my first gemstone loves. It's energy is magical and whenever I wear it I feel happy because it is just so beautiful.


I get lots of my crystal information from two sources. “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall and “The Curious Lore Of Precious Stones” by George Frederick Kunz. If you are interested in crystals these are great books to add to your collection.

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