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Hello July!

As some of you might know, I started back at my farmers markets last week! Myself and John Kelley (the belt guy) were the guinea pig artisan vendors and got to be some of the first to come back and start selling. I researched extensively about how to set up and sell my jewelry at an open air event.

The market is a really safe place to shop in general. Masks are required and we only let a certain amount of folks in at a time. We park our cars between booths so there is definitely more than a 6 ft gap. Also, our booths have caution tape in front so no one can grab anything.

The new set up. Pink flagging tape and purell

I put pink flagging tape around my booth (of course it was pink) and plopped a giant bottle of Purell on the table. I was expecting complaining from someone when I told them that they had to use the hand sanitizer before they picked anything up and that I wasn’t allowing anyone to try anything on. Lo and behold no one complained! Everyone was just really happy that I was back. I honestly had to hold back tears with all of the “we’re so glad you are here” and “it makes things seem a little more normal to have you here” from different people.

I knew that I missed being out in the world, but being at the market with the people that I have known for so many years made life seem a little bit more normal.

For the time being, I am going to be set up at the Napa Farmers’ Market every Tuesday and Saturday. I’ll be at the St. Helena Farmers’ Market every other Friday starting this week. If you are in the Napa Valley or are going to be in the area, stop by. It might make you feel a little bit more normal too!

Napa Farmers’ Market is held every Tuesday and Saturday at the corner of Pearl & Yajome. Our new hours are 8 to 9 Senior Hour and 9 to noon for everyone else.

The St. Helena Farmers’ Market is temporarily located at the Napa College Upper Valley Campus every Friday from 7:30 to Noon.

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